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FAQ's - Frequently asked questions

Brackets can become loose, but this is usually harmless if they are still attached to the wire.

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Orthodontics is the correction of misalignments in the teeth and jaw.

The type of braces depends on various factors, such as age, growth progress, degree of misalignment, etc.

Thorough oral hygiene and nutrition play an important role in braces treatment.

In the first 2-3 days with fixed braces, we recommend “soft” meals, such as soup, crustless bread, potatoes, yogurt, etc. “Hard” foods can loosen brackets, which would prolong the treatment.

The following foods should be avoided with braces:

  • Sticky food, such as sweets, sweet drinks
  • gummy bear 
  • Hard food, such as apples, carrots – if so, cut them into small pieces 
  • Nuts, fruit pits, hard pieces of bread, hard pizza edges
  • Alcohol, wine, coffee, cigarettes

The duration of treatment depends on:

  • Growth of the patient
  • Severity of the deformity
  • Cooperation of patients
  • Oral hygiene
  • Wearing time of the elastics or braces

There is no age limit for wearing braces.

In my experience and according to surveys from patients, the majority feel pressure, tension and slight pain in the first 2-3 days. Of course, this also depends on the severity of the misalignment, the age of the patient and the type of braces.

Make an appointment if you feel that an attachment is coming loose.

You will usually receive enough aligners until your next check-up appointment. If you are unable to attend your follow-up appointment, simply continue to wear the last splint until your next appointment.

If this is the case, replacement aligners can be ordered, this usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Important: Only one aligner can be reordered free of charge during the entire treatment period. Additional replacement aligners will be charged.

Simply call or come by without an appointment and pick up the gummies.

If your next check-up appointment is in 2-3 days, you don’t need to come by.


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