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Free Braces Vienna

Orthodontics Vienna-ÖGK, SVS, BVA and KFA Reimbursement.

Since July 2015 there are new rules for free braces!
As a qualified ÖGK orthodontist, I also offer free braces. This means patients receive 80% – 100% of the health insurance tariff refunded.

Free braces in vienna, requirements and your right to reimbursement.

Children and young people are entitled to this during and after the change of teeth and up to the age of 18.

Teeth Straightening, Free Braces Fixed or Removable Requirements:

  • There must be a severe misalignment of teeth and/or jaw misalignment in order to be entitled to free braces.
  • The correction must be necessary for medical reasons (IOTN 4 or 5). This will be determined in an initial consultation. Severity determination:Make an appointment for an initial consultation
  • Before treatment begins (free braces), an application must be submitted to the health insurance company. If your case is positive, 80-100% of the health insurance tariff for the fixed free braces will be refunded.
    Tip: Contact your health insurance company before treatment begins .
  • Executed exclusively with metal brackets.

Additional payments for ceramic brackets, for example, are not permitted by the health insurance company.

Erwachsen-Metal brackets

If there is a misalignment  severity IOTN 4 or 5, but parents want to offer their children an alternative option (without a subsidy from the health insurance company) to free braces: then we offer:

Keramik Zahnspange für Kinder

Free braces, interceptive treatment in the mixed dentition phase

In the Mixed dentition (Explanatory external link), a treatment suitable for children between 6 and 10 years old. This is an early phase treatment. A limited treatment in primary or mixed dentition.

Duration of treatment: maximum 1 year.

Then there is a break. Regular checks are then carried out every 4-6 months.

Why is that so? Because children lose baby teeth during this phase and their permanent teeth are just emerging. At the age of 12-13, children are checked again to determine whether they need further teeth adjustment. If so, children are treated with fixed braces.

Jaw tooth misalignments that absolutely require treatment:

  • Habits

  • Or bad habits that cause jaw or tooth misalignment e.g. tongue thrusting, incorrect swallowing patterns, thumb sucking, pressing lips, biting fingernails, etc.
  • Crossbite  laterally on both sides or one side. Crossbite front teeth /Progenic compulsive bite

Front Open Bite
Lack of space due to various reasons or early loss of milk teeth
Deep Bite 
Frontcrossbite anterior teeth 
lack of growth in upper jaw Maxilla class 3

Free braces, the main treatment in permanent teeth fixed braces

Erwachsen-Metal brackets

If there is a severity misalignment of IOTN 4 or IOTN 5, then you are entitled to a refund for the braces. However, these “free braces” for children have one important requirement: only fixed metal braces may be used during the free braces treatment! [/caption]

TIP: Even if the severity of the misalignment (IOTN) has already been determined, I always recommend consulting your health insurance company. 

The duration of treatment for fixed/removable free braces obviously depends on the severity of the tooth misalignment.

Duration: Treatment with fixed free braces takes around 18-24 months .

The removable free braces

The removable free braces are only helpful if they are worn for at least 12-14 hours per day.

Treatment duration 1 year.

Free braces in Vienna: Important links for reimbursement by your health insurance company!

Depending on the severity of the tooth misalignment and the type of treatment, health insurance companies or supplementary insurance companies will reimburse parts of the treatment!
Information about reimbursements from health insurance companies:  Please click on your insurance company, you will be redirected directly to the information page.


Information about reimbursement for additional insurance: Please contact your insurance company, we have no insight into the different contracts.

Treatment options for misaligned teeth without the possibility of reimbursement

For example, if children do not have a severity deformity of IOTN 4 or IOTN 5 (a prerequisite for free braces), but only IOTN 2 or 3:

Alternative to the free braces

Orthodontics and the exact course of treatment.

  1. Free initial consultation for misaligned teeth in our orthodontics. Appointment only by appointment!
  2. Create treatment documents for individual treatment courses. Diagnosis with x-rays, photos and digital scans. Always without marks.
  3. Plan discussion and explanation. X-ray evaluation and the analysis discussion about which type of braces and/or brackets are necessary for the individual case.
  4. Start of treatment Insertion of the device and information about cleaning and wearing times
  5. Important and necessary check-ups every 6-8 weeks
  6. End of treatment. Removing the braces and discussing the results of the treatment
  7. Retention– the beginning of stabilization of the treatment result.

Here you will find the entire process in my orthodontics explained in detail. 

Cost overview of free braces between 6 and 18 years of age only with IOTN 4/5

Main treatment up to 18 years

Interceptive up to 10 years

Free braces cancellation