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Kieferorthopädie Wien Dr. med. dent. Sablania

Dr. med. dent Manish Sablania

About me

Dr. Sablania Braces Vienna

Orthodontist Vienna

+ Orthodontics-braces treatments collaboration

Dr. Sablania Zahnpange Wien Orthodontist Vienna and dentist (qualified elective orthodontist for “health insurance free braces”) specializing in Orthodontics and Orthodontie, now has over 23 years of experience and more than 6500 dental adjustments and braces treatments, collaboration, which makes him an expert in his field , who cares deeply about the well-being of his patients.

About me

As an Orthodontist with a focus on orthodontic braces, a patient’s beautiful smile is always the focus for Dr. Sablania, because a so-called winning smile helps both in professional and private life. Therefore, Dr. Sablania not only offers a range of modern orthodontic treatments.

Over 23 years of experience

Orthodontics teeth straightening braces

+ 6500

Orthodontics braces treatments collaboration

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Thanks to ongoing domestic, international and online training courses, as well as regular efforts to always stay up to date with the latest developments in dentistry.

Years of collaboration and representation – experience in KFO(dental adjustment, braces, orthodontics) with renowned orthodontists in  Vienna.


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Bachelor of Dental Surgery India (Indien)


Masters in Specialized Orthodontics-Deutschland


Progressive Orthodontic Diplom-USA/Vienna

Qualified Elective Orthodontist

Free braces for health insurance

Advanced training Diploma

Orthodontic training diploma Austria


Regular workshops-seminars courses

Orthodontist Vienna



Association of Austrian Orthodontists


Austrian Society for Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine


Dental Association