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My Orthodontist in Vienna

always specializes in the latest technology for misaligned teeth and tooth adjustments

As an experienced orthodontist in Vienna, we will find the right braces to correct your misaligned teeth. We offer:Invisalign clear aligner-clear splints treatmentFree braces,invisible braces ,removable or fixed.

As an experienced orthodontist in Vienna, we are always up to date with the latest technology and use advanced methods to treat your misaligned teeth efficiently. Our dedicated team will help you choose the right braces for your individual needs and achieve the best possible result. Manish Sablania
Orthodontics braces treatments in my career

As an experienced orthodontist in 1200 Vienna, I am one of the specialists for a variety of dental needs. I offer first class treatments including invisible braces, more specialized Braces for children, teenagers and Adult  as well as a wide range of further services.

My practice in the 20th district of Vienna is your point of contact for braces in Vienna. With my expertise, I offer tailor-made solutions to effectively correct misaligned teeth. I can offer both fixed braces and removable braces, depending on your individual needs. If you prefer a discreet and aesthetically pleasing option, the advanced one also suits you Invisalign invisible braces available.

Our range of services also includes the possibility of a Free braces. We understand that orthodontic treatment can be a financial investment. We therefore offer you the option of free braces to make it easier for you to access high-quality orthodontics.

We also offer you a variety of additional services to make your treatment as pleasant and efficient as possible. With our digital therapy support, we can closely track your progress and ensure that you achieve the best possible results.

With our digital jaw scan, we can precisely identify undesirable developments and plan your treatment accordingly.

Trust in our many years of experience and expertise as orthodontists in Vienna to give you a radiant and healthy smile. Make an appointment today and let us set out together on the path to your optimal teeth correction.



Orthodontics Braces Treatments

23+ Years of Experience

in orthodontics - teeth regulation - braces

Orthodontist Vienna 1200 close to 1210, 1220, 1190, 1020 and Klosterneuburg.


  1. The ordination in 1200 Vienna is close to 1210,1020,1190,1220 Vienna and Klosterneuburg.
  2. Can be reached quickly and shortly with U6, U4, 11A, 5A.
  3. Ideal location whether you live or work there.
  4. Easier for school children.
Daniela TrendafilovaDaniela Trendafilova
11:28 31 May 24
I am thrilled with Dr. Sablania, after the visit he made my teeth new. I am excited and am really looking forward to my next appointment.
sachin pandavsachin pandav
22:07 29 May 24
I would recommend this clinic 💯I had a great experience!!Dr. Manish has very good knowledge and huge experience and the staff is friendly. Best part is most of the insurance are covered. No language issue Dr. speaks English and Hindi as well.
07:48 16 May 24
A very good dentist, friendly and competent. The nice employees are nice and explain everything in detail. The practice is clean and in top condition. Price-wise, everything is in the normal range. It certainly seems like a lot to many people, but you have to look at the end result. Personally, I have several treatments planned (dental prostheses), etc. and I am happy to pay a price to have a more beautiful smile again. Kind regards, RJ
Ibrahim ApdirahmanIbrahim Apdirahman
14:29 25 Mar 24
this place is good for you dr manlish good one
Satnam SanotraSatnam Sanotra
16:44 13 Mar 24
Good Dr👍
Mia MargitanovicMia Margitanovic
17:50 08 Mar 24
A part of my retainer came loose. I got an appointment the next day, even though I was a first-time patient!The ladies at the counter gave me a friendly welcome and I didn't have to wait long before I was called. The lady who treated me was extremely courteous and professional.Dr. Sablania exchanged a few nice words with me as we left.All in all, I can only recommend this ordination!!. Quick appointment. no long waiting times in the office. clean. nice personel. Extremely nice doctor who takes time for everyone personally. Easily accessible by public
Hüseyin BektasHüseyin Bektas
13:02 04 Mar 24
Best dentist I have seen and experienced in Vienna, true to several doctors in the last 30 years. Thanks to you all!! ❤❤
Hüseyin BektasHüseyin Bektas
12:55 04 Mar 24
I'm 43 years old and unfortunately I have bad teeth from home. Some dentists have tried to help me, but none as good and professional as Dr Sablani and his team!! Everyone is very warm and helpful, they explain everything to you and I didn't have any pain during any of his examinations, not even with the injection, my mother is the next person I will take with me, thanks to everyone for the nice, pleasant treatments.
Veveeyan SureshVeveeyan Suresh
16:17 22 Feb 24
Recently had a great experience with Dr. Sablania. The office vibes were clean and positive, making it super comfy. He is not only friendly but also very empathetic and explained everything in detail. One notable aspect is his consideration for people's needs, arranging for treatments that are cost effective. Even with multiple appointments, I received excellent care from Dr. Sablania, making the overall experience quite positive.
Abdullah AlazawiAbdullah Alazawi
14:55 22 Feb 24
The best dental ordination in Vienna and the doctors are very helpful
felicity ogokefelicity ogoke
22:11 21 Feb 24
I had a fantastic experience at Dr. Sablania's clinic. The atmosphere was clean, comfortable, and friendly. Dr. Sablania is a true specialist in his field. The staff and doctor were incredibly knowledgeable, which made me feel relieved and confident in their care. I highly recommend this clinic to both German and English speakers. Their expertise created a reassuring environment that I could rely on throughout my visit.
Ruzena AhmedovaRuzena Ahmedova
17:05 21 Feb 24
From the reception area to the doctor, everyone was very helpful and friendly! I don't know what you're talking about, there's hardly any wart period. I'm giving it 5 stars because it's deserved!!! I do have something to report, ? I feel very comfortable with you, thanks to everyone!!
Dhruv VishwasDhruv Vishwas
15:15 15 Feb 24
All Doctors and colleagues are friendly and professional. Well maintained and hygienic clinic. Front desk was easy to approach for appointment. I feel doctors are highly experienced and professional. Doctor patiently explained the issue and its solutions. I would definitely recommend.
Samir N.Samir N.
09:11 22 Jan 24
Patrick RinghoferPatrick Ringhofer
12:17 19 Nov 23
Dr. Sablania and his team not only impress with their outstanding technical expertise, but also with their professional and friendly support. The practice's equipment creates a pleasant atmosphere. Adherence to deadlines and a high level of professionalism make the practice a clear recommendation!
Maximilian AngeloduroMaximilian Angeloduro
22:05 17 Nov 23
Dr. Sablania seemed very likeable to me because of his positive nature! Likewise, Dr. Sablania very competent and an absolute specialist in his field. I always feel like I'm in good hands during my visits! Highly Recommended!

General Treatment

Services: Aesthetic Dentistry

Orthodontist in Vienna

Invisible braces as an effective remedy for orthodontic problems

The possibility of using braces for misaligned teeth is one of the most efficient means of solving orthodontic problems today. Braces for children, teenagers and adults have been my specialty for many years. My 23+ years of experience from more than 6,500 braces treatments is an added value that I would like to recommend to you.

With heart, passion and in-depth knowledge, I dedicate myself to solving orthodontic problems in my orthodontic practice. This principle forms the foundation of my work and drives me every day to offer my patients the best possible treatment.

The well-being of my patients is always the focus of my work. I make every effort to understand your individual needs and offer you tailored treatment. I work closely with them, listening carefully and answering their questions to ensure that they feel comfortable and cared for throughout the entire treatment process.

My orthodontic practice is not only about solving orthodontic problems, but also about creating a positive and friendly environment. I want my patients to feel comfortable and welcome from the moment they enter the office until the completion of their treatment.