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Zahnbleaching/ Teeth Whitening

Teeth bleaching means whitening your teeth. There are 2 methods.

Teeth whitening: Professionally teeth whitening in our office. There two methods for whitening.

1-In Office Teeth Bleaching

Means teeth whitening in an office under doctor’s instructions and supervision.

Process :

  • The concentrated bleach or bleaching gel is applied to teeth.
  • The active ingredient is then activated either chemically or with blue light with a specific wavelength.
  • Within 1-1.5 hours, the teeth will be whitened.
  • The degree of whitening of the tooth depends on concentration of bleaching material.

2-Home Teeth Bleaching

As the name suggests, you can do this process at home instead of going to the office.

Process :

  • In this technique, patients receive individually manufactured and customized plastic splints filled with bleaching gel from us.
  • Patients receive precise instructions.
  • It is a self-check under doctor’s supervision but not in the office.
  • The splint is worn overnight and for a few hours a day.

Teeth Bleaching - Vienna

  1. Initial Consultation-Free of cost. After examination we will see if Aligner are right for you. Reserve your appointment. Today in our office!
  2. Documents for treatment & planning such as X-rays- Fotos and Digital scan or Impressions.
  3. Treatment plan discussion in detail with different options for your treatment according to your wish and misalignment of teeth and a look on digital simulation of your treatment plan.
  4. Treatment start. on this appointment , you will get your Aligners.
  5. Regular checkup in every 6-10 Weeks.
  6. Treatment finish. after aligning your teeth and achieving our treatment goals, active treatment is finished.
  7. Retention After finishing active part of treatment, we need to stabilise the teeth. Please click section Retention in detail.

Here you will find the entire process in my orthodontics explained in detail. 

In office Bleaching

  • Procedure in ordination
  • Immediate doctor check
  • Price a little higher
  • Professional Tooth bleaching
  • More security, effective

Home Bleaching

  • Done at home 
  • Control yourself 
  • Price cheap
  • Less safe
  • Less effective 
Zahn Bleaching 1
Zahn Bleaching 1