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Procedure in our clinic Braces Orthodontics Teeth Adjustment Invisalign Clear Aligner Invisible Braces.

Braces procedure with us:

First, make an appointment for a free initial consultation to treat your misaligned teeth: per phone, via e-mail  or simply here with the Online appointment scheduling.

Braces process:

We show you before and after pictures of the misaligned teeth of patients who were treated by us and were confronted with similar misalignment. We have a lot of experience and help you get a precise idea of ​​the treatment process and end result. The exact process of treatment in my orthodontics.

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Appointment No. 1:  Free initial consultation for misaligned teeth in our orthodontics
Appointment No. 2:  Treatment documents for individual treatment courses
Appointment No. 3:  Discussion of the tooth misalignment and the individual treatment plan
Appointment No. 4:  Tooth misalignment begins treatment
Appointment No. 5:  Orthodontics and digital check-up appointments 
Appointment No. 6:  Completion of the correction phase and start of stabilization

1. Free initial consultation for misaligned teeth in my orthodontist

In this initial consultation, we will discuss any existing complaints and your wishes regarding the correction of the misaligned teeth. The goal is to find the most efficient and gentlest form of orthodontic therapy for your misaligned teeth.

After the detailed questioning of the patient and the necessary panoramic X-ray (in our orthodontics) to assess the overall condition and to clarify carious cavities, root canal treatment, tooth formation, etc. Teeth are examined for caries, gums, dentition development, misalignment of teeth and incorrect swallowing patterns and examined the tongue position.

At the end of the initial consultation you will receive the first rough diagnosis of your misaligned teeth. In addition, everyone receives important information about the treatment:

  • Which corrections to the misalignment of teeth are possible
  • The severity of the tooth misalignment (IOTN 1-5)
  • Which treatment method or therapy best suits your misaligned teeth?
    – Fixed braces metal/Clear braces
    – Clear braces, Invisalign Aligner dental splints
    Lingual braces-internal braces
  • Questions about the costs and possible reimbursement by the health insurance company in the event of misaligned teeth in our orthodontics will also be clarified in detail in this conversation.
  • You will also find out the approximate duration of treatment and the possible treatment goals at this first appointment in our orthodontics.
  • You have the opportunity to view the different appliances and models. If you have decided on an orthodontic correction of a misaligned tooth and a treatment method, all the necessary ones will be included.
Kontrolle Erwachsene

2. The treatment documents for the individual course of treatment

Treatment documents (necessary for National health insurance companies and Private insurance companies) are created; Duration 30 minutes.

Kontrolle Röntgen

3. Orthodontic discussion of the misalignment of the teeth and the individual treatment plan

All documents are evaluated digitally. You will receive a detailed treatment plan tailored specifically to your misaligned teeth and your needs.
Alternative treatment options and tooth misalignment are also an important part of this discussion.

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4. Braces-teeth misalignment process Start of treatment

We begin orthodontic treatment, Invisalign, clear aligner, or fixed braces on this day. In Braces cases the individually  made brackets are attached to your teeth with the utmost precision.

This requires time that we have reserved for you. Duration of the treatment between 40 and 60 minutes. Detailed information about the orthodontic treatment wil be discussed. In our clinic we will always explain to you what you should pay attention to – for example oral hygiene or eating habits.

Zahnspange Vorbehandlung

5. Orthodontics and digital check-up appointments for the best course of treatment

Check-up appointments are necessary during ongoing treatment in order to be able to assess the planned course of treatment and to document the progress digitally. This is the only way to respond to often unforeseeable developments in a timely manner!

You will come to our practice every 4 to 8 weeks (the appointments are arranged in advance). We check whether your treatment and the correction of your misaligned teeth or jaw misalignment are going as planned. It goes without saying that your Invisalign aligner braces or braces will be checked at this appointment. If necessary, we will reactivate and optimize your braces at this appointment, including new wire if necessary!

  • Photos are taken from the beginning and also during the treatment in order to be able to accurately understand the exact course of treatment to correct the misalignment of the teeth. Also so that any corrections can be made in a timely manner.
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Unfortunately, the cooperation of the child patients often falls by the wayside.

These check-up appointments also serve to point out errors to patients. It is necessary to carry out regular oral hygiene and independent checks. It is also important to check whether children are wearing their “Elastics”? or not. Not wearing it automatically leads to a worse treatment result!

6. Completion and beginning of stabilization of the treatment result

To ensure that the tooth position achieved remains beautiful and in the desired position over the long term, it is important to stabilize the result well from the start.

To do this, either we attach a small, invisible retainer wire to the back of the front teeth or make custom-fit Transparent Aligner for you. Even after the end of the orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist meets the patient to check the stability of the new tooth position. See also our section on the topic Retention and the important stabilization after the treatment including all details!

Why is it important to stabilize the corrected misalignment of teeth ?
Teeth tend to move back to their original position throughout life. To ensure that the treatment success achieved remains stable in the long term, we check the important retainer wire and your Clear Aligner twice a year!

Retention | feste und herausnehmbare Retainer